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Fascias, soffits and guttering

Available in uPVC in all the same colours and woodgrain finishes as our windows, these offer a maintenance-free solution to the awkwardly-shaped roofline area of your house. Duchy Ltd can install a range of roofline products in Callington, Cornwall and Western parts of Devon.

Save time, effort and money with our uPVC products

This area is prone to rot, water ingress and the need for constant maintenance and painting. The answer is to install uPVC roofline products.
There are two ways to complete a roofline installation:

Capping type

Capping fascias and soffits should only be installed when the existing roofline materials are in excellent condition, and are completely rot free. This involves covering over, or ‘capping’ the existing timber leaving it in place, thus keeping all visible areas maintenance free. Care should be taken if selecting this method to ensure that any future problems are not merely covered over. This process is often used inappropriately by ‘cowboys’ as a cheap, quick fix, and Duchy Ltd will only use this method under very limited circumstances.

Full replacement

This method involves the removal of all existing roofline materials right back to the rafter ends, treating any rot or damage to the rafter ends and then the complete replacement of the fascias, soffits, guttering and downpipes, all in maintenance free uPVC. This is the method recommended by the manufacturers of our roofline products and comes with a 10 year guarantee.

View our range of roofline products

We can supply a wide range of roofline products in a  number of styles to suit your home's style and needs. visit our showroom today to find out more. 
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